The Cancer of Complacency

This week has been awesome already! I know it’s only Monday. But what would this world be like waiting on Friday? That would be more than a little miserable. Super Bowl week is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited. I have NFL Network and today was Opening Night for the first time ever! I get to watch media day LIVE and take in all of the frenzy that is going on in the football world.

Late last week, Cam Newton said something that ruffled a couple of feathers in relation to him not acting a certain way that corporate sponsors would like him to be. In other words, he’s acting towards his roots and he doesn’t care who is offended by it. Personally, I never knew someone could be criticized for knowing how to dance! I think everyone who doesn’t know how to dance should get a penalty for subjecting us to such a bad performance. That is time wasted. And I hate to waste time.

If you have any sense of social media, you could tell that there are so many things that are going on in the world. There’s a war here, a war there; people drinking dirty water; and I just learned that there were 86 children burned alive in Nigeria! How someone could just scroll and think that everything is okay is more than beyond me. It something that burns me up and I can’t stop thinking about it whenever I get to sleep. Most of these things, people don’t even talk about, because they don’t have the luxury of Western Media covering them. There’s genocide and slavery all over the map. The world has become some PC that it literally puts a muzzle on anything that disrupts the status quo.

So this year I would encourage you to ruffle a few feathers and stand up for something. If you don’t then what’s the point of living? There has to be something that burns and makes your skin boil! That’s your calling, your purpose! Are there some causes that can be a little off tilt? Sure. Like protesting school because they still have books wouldn’t work out so well. But, if there’s an injustice, such as college players not getting paid for a billion dollar industry that they are responsible for. Or, people who work 40 hours a week and still live in poverty. Some things just don’t make sense and those are things that need to be questioned. In the world of information I just don’t understand how we can just sit idly by. And that my friends is worst type of cancer that any could ever let spread.

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