Any Victories Today?

Often I hear people talk about the war in lands far away from where we reside and there is a relevance to it. I think about how there are battles here and there to include all of those that don’t have any media coverage at all. It was a disturbing image to see last week a village of children burned alive in Africa. It was wasn’t only shocking, but could almost put someone into the mold of PTSD if they looked at enough images. As I was taught at an early age. War is an extension of politics. I would argue that there is a warring over our souls that some days we win and some days we simply just don’t match up.

I ask most people at work how their day is and I usually get the usual. “Same s#@t, just a different day.” In my mind I am thinking, “that is so depressing”. Or it could be that they just didn’t have anything else more creative to say. Rarely, do I hear anyone say that the weekend was awesome, or the it met all of their needs, or felt fulfilled for the time that they had.

The reality is that people hardly ever look for the home victories. Sure most of them aren’t as big as we would like them to be all of the time. But, we need to learn how to get over our own politics. What do I mean by my own politics? Our politics are basically what we would call our worldview and the media messages that have helped shape those notions. Growing up, most women were thought to have a man to make them complete, but no mention of God?! There’s no way to be married without being trained up in the language of God. There’s just no way that a marriage could last without both of them being in agreement. That’s exactly why it’s called an agreement or covenant.

Now think about this. Have you done something that you know that was wrong today. Maybe you looked at someone who was overweight and you mumbled to yourself; that person needs to hit the gym. Or, one of my favorites, “do you even gym bro?” Another part of your politics would be to see someone who dyed their hair some outrageous color and you were wondering what they were thinking looking in the mirror. I mean, what made you think that that was going to be hot?

My politics are strictly East Coast. I can’t stand to see a man walking around like he is still in the 80’s rocking a shag or a ponytail. That just wouldn’t fly on an ocean boy from the Northeast. So where would the victories come from?

Your victories come from restraint. I’ve learned that a lot of people just aren’t self aware. Some don’t know how they come off when they pose or speak with a certain tone. I now realize why the Scripture exists, “forgive them, for they do not know what they do”. In some ways I think that it is sad to not have that awareness. Just going off into the middle of nowhere and letting others control your emotions has to be somewhat odd. It’s almost like letting others have dominion over your soul. The same would have to apply to the foods we eat, exercise regimen, and interaction with those we work with. It’s easy to be reactive and all emotional and I am sure that the media celebrates some of those things. Think about it. No one is glorified for being an introvert and everyone is celebrated to eat all of this bad food and beer during the Superbowl and other major sporting events.

There are many things out there not could use some overcoming. Just sit down and think about it sometime. It could be cigarettes, cursing, pornography, procrastination, and a multitude of others that I haven’t mentioned.

So the next time someone asks you how you are doing. Try telling them about the small victory that needs to be or has been won. I guarantee you there will be more than a casual conversation the next time around. Check this out God over Porn.

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