Any Victories PT.II

Yesterday I mentioned our own politics and all of those things that somehow comes into our minds that makes us act in ways that probably aren’t lined up with God; or in secular terms…the greater good. So we all have this overall consensus that there is a war within ourselves to either do good or bad in every situation that we encounter. Ultimately, you have to make a choice, but the only thing that is worse than a poor decision is to not make one at all.

So today I woke up with the intention of getting tasks done that have been weighing on my mind for some time now. One of those things is to get this blog running today. So what does that small victory do for me? It does a couple of things. One, it drives me to want to do more. Two, it helps me further my goals and formulate a plan to do some other productive things, such as my life, my relationships, and my spirituality.

Some people I know are just in a consistent funk that reads they are just so overwhelmed with their checklist and there are so many things to do in such little time. The formula is simple…just get started. There’s no way that you can really have the perfect plan. It doesn’t exist! Just like that perfect husband/wife. If you’re looking for perfect, it’s only God. But getting started is what most people have in common that think like this. Well, where do I start Reverend? The best place to start I believe is to get on Google Calendar and pack that schedule with as many things that you can think of. Will you get to everything? No! But, the justice in that is that you will a map for your day of victory.

Another thing most people have in common is that they don’t begin the day with any type of prayer. I mean, after all you are here for His glory. You weren’t aborted and you had the opportunity to see a new day that will be over in a quick 24 hours. Don’t be so selfish in your media meditated mind! Give some gratitude for crying out loud.

I thought after my 20’s that my best days were behind me. I was super fit, super handsome, no wife, and there were virtually no restrictions on what I wanted to do with myself. All of that changed once I came to the point of submission. There were so many meaningful things that I took for granted. So I started to live intentionally. Of course I have obligations to others such as bills, etc. But, they all create some sort of balance for me. If I had all of the money in the world, I am sure that I would less useful than what I am now. I would have spent it on things that were high in market and less in value of life. My focus may have been in cleaning my car every week, buying the newest shoes, or constantly making some brash decision to live in the moment as opposed to living long term; which we are designed for. It’s nice to know that there are boundaries in my life that keep me sharp. I used to hate Mondays, but now I’ve learned to enjoy every day of the week and make everyday feel like the weekend. There’s no better joy. Of course I may wake up a little earlier in the week, but sometimes I do on the weekend so it doesn’t run by me as fast.I like to soak up the time that I have.

So what is your intent today? What map have you created? Are you working toward those small victories? Feel free to comment or for some drive and inspiration watch this.

4 thoughts on “Any Victories PT.II

  1. Paulette Nelson says:

    I really enjoyed the article. It was a great word that we needed to hear. Thank you. Are you going to write anymore books? I truly hope so. Thanks for all you do .Paulette

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