You could always make it worse.

I just can’t shake this relationship subject. I finally recovered from my long drive back from New Jersey; which was a blast for the birthday boy..and I got paid for it too! There were gatherings, drinks, food, music, dancing, and every other festive vibe that you could ever think of. It’s always a change to learn how some people have split, how some have come together, and how some have just grown apart.

Unfortunately, when some of us grow apart, there are kids involved who are left with the majority of their lives to choose where to go to celebrate. I ran into a few of those this past weekend. And to tell you the truth, it was quite entertaining. Not only because of the potential drama, but because it really tells you about someone in their reactions. I’ve studied  people for a long time and I am still amazed at what I find sometimes.

One situation, I had the opportunity to sit in the same house with a man, his ex-wife, and new fiancee!  Can you say fire!!!! It was lit! In the back of my mind I really didn’t have time for any drama nor any negativity because I see enough of it on the news. But, I must say that the man handled it very well. There was no shunning, bickering, or running off. He enjoyed the party, talked like an adult and entertained the younger generation that was coming up. And that’s what those kids will remember. My son kept talking about his impact the entire ride home. We all know how women can be; as they typically wear their emotions on their sleeves and find it hard to close their mouths. But, the only thing that I could see were a few looks out the corners of the eye to compare the hair, nails, and how one was treated by the family compared to her. Me being the man that I am I made meaning conversation with both of them. I’m just too grown to let a situation dominate me. So I made fun with it. I could tell they all felt weird, but there was no way that I was turning anything down. Anything for a God moment!

Yes divorce, unwanted pregnancy, breakups, and disagreements happen. But, I believe in a God of redemption. We really are made to fall and get back up. I was just ready for something to pop off, but it never happened! I was pleased to be around that type of reaction.

If there is an already bad situation, you could always make it worse. But, you don’t have to. If someone’s prone to arguments; it takes two to argue. If someone is over reactive; you don’t have to go there with them. If someone likes to show out; you can always greet them with a smile and wish them well. In this situation there were children involved and I’m glad that they were able to at least act like they were mindful enough to know that, and to recognize that the kids aren’t going anywhere. I think that was the first time I have ever seen a divorce couple greet each other with a hug. Heck, I’ve never seen couples who were never married do that! Someone could have gotten kicked out the house, beat up, cursed out, and even hurt emotionally. None of that. I don’t care how bad a situation is, you could always make it worse if you let it. You have more power than you think you do! God Bless and give Him a little more glory. The prince of peace. Check out this video.

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