Like most people living. I’m not proud of every single thing that I have done, but I have had the opportunity to do more good than bad. And since my birthday I have been very intentional on the fact of taking advantage of more opportunities that presents itself. Yesterday was Friday. Typically, my Friday’s would work something like this…

1.) Leave work early and beat the Friday traffic.

2.) Think of all of the crazy things that I want to do with my wife and kids in 48 hours on the way home. Actually , that happens all day.

3.) I get home and see the kids get off of the bus and thank God I don’t have to help get them up early in the morning and that homework for the week is done.

4.) Then, I would rush out of all of my clothes, get caught up on Sports Center, and then talk to my wife about what to do.

5.) I would get comfortable…more comfortable…think to myself that I am too old to stay awake past 10 o’clock, procrastinate on getting my kids things ready for the weekend’s activities. To my chagrin, the next thing I know it’s Saturday. Darn. only one day left.

This past Friday I took in for a change. I read a hilarious meme on Instagram and I looked it up some more and came up with an idea for the family. A drive in movie theater! The trend has been to go to expensive indoor theaters, get my wallet raped of overpriced, stale candy, and then feel guilty about how much gas money I spent on a mediocre, 2 hour movie, that couldn’t match up to a centiliter of the books that I have read.

I called my wife and asked her about the idea of wanting to see 2 movies for the price of less than 1 at a conventional theater. She was down with it and decided to make it a date. Now, I’m the type of guy that wouldn’t dare drive in the direction of where I work on my days off. But, this was an exception. There was just no way that we could pass up on such a deal. And the Central Ohio weather was cooperating in all facets with us. 80 degrees after snow the week prior will do things like that to an economy. Everyone goes out, buys something nice, dinner outside, etc.

Well, for a man like me with 8 children, and a wife. I have got to be more methodical than most people. I need to make sure that I am not breaking the bank, and still create some great memories simultaneously. So going further into the conversation I told my wife that I knew this awesome Chinese place to order from in the city. It’s where I frequently go for lunch and I can’t ever lose going there with the portion/price comparison. The kids hardly have it and I knew they would like it for a treat. So we ventured off, picked up some drinks, plates, and rode on over to the new experience. The kids have never done anything like and my wife told me that it was something new to her as well. How would I rate the experience?

I’m going back! It blew my mind, that I could take my pet, bring my own food and drinks, tune the radio, and watch 2, yes 2 brand new movies under the stars! We had lounge chairs, pillows, and more than enough room. I loved the fact that the kids could play outside before the feature started, cell phone rules didn’t apply, no need to walk over people when needing to go to the restroom, nor did I have to worry about rubbing knees and elbows with a complete stranger. Heck, I even dosed off for a couple of minutes and had a couple of kids in my lap. It was nice that there were still ways to have cheap fun. I have done everything that I could do as a teen and young adult. Some of it included a few choice beverages here and there, but nothing can touch this. I have spent countless dollars on entry fees, cover charges, convenience fees, and covering for a friend here and there. But, as I have gotten older it’s nice to know that I can do more constructive and meaningful things with my family. It was inexpensive, time well spent, and I stayed up past midnight watching the stars with the ones I love. Not one drink has ever done that for me.

I’d like to hear some of your ways of having a good time….. unconventionally.

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