I need to get away from here. I need a new crew to hang with. I need a new girl, this one is driving me crazy. I need something a little different in my life. I need a change of atmosphere.

In my line of work I hear these statements all too many times. I’ve seen people go away on lavish vacations to escape whatever they were dealing with; just to find themselves dealing with it all over again. Simply, because it was an issue that was never taken care of to begin with. I’ve known both men and women have numerous dates, partners, and “friends” just to keep reinforcing the void within themselves.

No one is perfect. Let’s diminish that myth right now. But, there has to be some recognition of responsibility that needs to be taken into account. Some of our choices are made with some regrets and that’s okay. Ultimately, it shouldn’t take any of us out of common sense.

I believe that we have mastered the art of being so engaged, that we have forgot all about giving ourselves a healthy balance getting away. What do I mean by getting away? It would seem contradictory if I just began by stating that lavish vacations were not the way. Don’t get me wrong, these are fine as long as they are not breaking  the bank and setting one back from financial freedom. What I mean, by getting away is that most of us don’t make time for ourselves. Think about it. When was the last time you checked your Facebook page? When was the last time you stopped thinking about what was going to happen the next day? Or, what is the next class or test going to be like? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have any of those things to worry about? Even for just a little bit? I think there are some things in life that we can control that does not require holding a price tag. I can tell you from personal experience I was in the car on a long distance trip and I put my phone charger in the trunk inside one of my bags. Initially, I was freaking out and scrambling with my off hand all through the car as I kept my eyes on the road. After I calmed down and realized that I knew where I was going and that nothing was going to change; I actually enjoyed it. I found myself thinking clearly and I could think even more deeply about some of the points that I wanted to speak on at this particular conference. After the ride i felt relieved and I had very little anxiety as I grew very comfortable with my subject matter to present to the conference audience.

At the conclusion of the conference and shaking many hands; I was drained. I woke up early, drove the distance, and mustered up emotional energy to engage all of those that wanted to explain to mean their life stories afterwards. Like I said in previous posts…I’m an introvert and being around people for long periods of time requires extra energy from me. Some of us are just wired that way, and it’s not weird.

I finally showered, charged my phone, and had a chance to think about what I wanted to think about. I didn’t even have time to turn the television on. I called my wife, spoke to my kids, and just sat there. Sat. And sat. And sat. Just me with a towel on sitting at the edge of the bed. I prayed, let some thoughts just ramble, and the next thing that I knew I wasn’t even tired anymore! This is was after an hour of sitting there. I felt like I was on a vacation and that my mind was gone for about 2 days… least. It was my little get away.

I got away with regaining control of my mind and clarify what I was putting inside of mind. Sometimes, I get tired of hearing people, the radio, the television, and the machines that go on. When I think about it. That’s a lot my mind has to compute throughout the day. Then, I thought about it. Every person that has ever created or did anything went on some sort of “retreat”. In the case of Jesus; he went on to the wilderness, just as Moses did. Most successful marriages go on retreats; writers go to cabins in the middle of nowhere to write; athletes travel away from home to train for extended periods of time; artists travel. Get the hint. The change of atmosphere is used to propel ourselves into the next goal that we are pursuing. Any successful business man will tell you that they have to travel at some point and time. For me to produce the words that I do, I have to find and create places and times to pray and reflect on the day. It’s a must for me to do this even when I am not at home. It’s very ritualistic and it should be a point in everyone’s lives. This helps prevent outbursts, restlessness, and impatience.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with being in the fog and wanting to get away, but don’t do something for sake, do it for propelling you to the next level. I was amazed to share this with some people and they learned that they were so conditioned to being occupied with something all of the time, that it was strange to be alone and actually think for themselves. It was a harsh reality, but it was nice to come to that realization. There is nothing like self discovery and I believe that this is clearly something that doesn’t cost any money and provide a road to greater perspective in our personal lives.

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