What are you giving up?

As the second week of Lent is upon us I found that I am weak! Many new Christians in the Protestant denomination will not be as well in tune on what this season means. I mean it was never taught to me during my early days with Christ. It is the season that starts on Ash Wednesday and and goes on for 40 days until Easter Sunday. The intent for most Christians is to give up something that is challenging to you and to make that sacrifice before God.

So if you already don’t eat plums and you decide that you won’t eat plums for 40 days then you are pretty much not going to be satisfied at the end of your journey. There will be no sense of reward and there will be no evidence of there being a life changing experience.

Why forty days? It is the example that comes out of the book of Luke where Jesus filled with the Holy Spirit after Baptism went into the wilderness to pray and didn’t eat for 40 days. During this time is where the devil tempted Him and even used Scripture to try and get Him to lose His way. But, Christ was not altered because He knew the mission and what the Word ultimately intends. That’s why during the season of Lent we are usually looking forward to eating a Great Easter Dinner. This is exactly where it comes from. It’s the celebration!

So what are you going to celebrate when you are done? I did some research on Twitter and here are some of the hot topics of fasting for Lent:

  1. Fornication-this is a good one. Why some people constantly think that going to church and knowingly be in the most sacred of sacraments outside of marriage is still beyond me. But, I have heard that there are some great growth in premarital relationships sacrificing this sacrament for it’s intended purpose.
  2. Facebook- yes it has come to this. So sad, but true. There are many out there who are just addicted and make it their everyday lives and a daily ritual to wake up and check FB. A great suggestion would be to delete the app off of your phone and just check it when you are at your PC. I love FB just like the next man, because it has helped me so much with family, communication, and even some news on the go. Trust a month without it and you will be surprised at what you can get done.
  3. Sleep- we live in a culture where we are trained to hustle and bustle 40 hours a week; see that magic number again! So in our society we value sleep. But how much is too much? Great question! If you ever have the joy of running into someone that is lazy. You will find that more sleep, induces….more sleep. So this could be great for that late teen, early 20 year old who sleeps half the day and misses out on so much more that they could accomplish with the hours wasted. They are literally missing gifts of life that they could be exposed to.
  4. Obama-it was a great 8 years to see a different flavor in the White House and some people just can’t let it go. I’ve seen more pictures of him in people’s houses than I have seen Crosses of Christ! Of course this is an American epithet, but I could guarantee you that to trust in a man so much and so hard has to be some form of idolatry. And we all know how God feels about that!

Some other honorable mentions are Starbucks, Netflix, complaining, Instagram, Snapchat, and Beer. To an older person these may sound silly, but they are a very real reality in the world that currently exists today.

So please find something that will change you into a more positive you and a better servant of God along the way. There are many YouTube videos out there that are loaded with ideas and creative ways to fast. Finally, for men… I know this sounds brave, but you CAN NOT fast your wife/sex for Lent. That’s just pure torture and not something God intended for you. Ask Adam.




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