Create the movie you want to see

I have always been a big proponent of struggle. Not struggling just for the sake of struggle. But, to struggle with progress. I often think back to times growing up and seeing how hard the necessary resources were hard to come by. There was always some sort of sacrifice and that really bothered me. I would always ask the question. Why are we always struggling? Shouldn’t some of these things come easy. It looks like everyone is succeeding except us!

There was a woman who I went to visit in the hospital one day who told me. “No test, no testimony.” Without any struggle there was no progress. There could have been many things that could have transpired to make things easier at the time. But, I would have just become weaker as time progressed.

I often thought about the movies that I liked…they had some struggle included in all of them. There was a hill to climb and there was victory at the end. Life is mandated to have conflict. There needs to be an element to the story that requires us to have some sort of hurdle to clear. I often wondered if people were to see my movie; what would it be like?

I don’t think our movie is designed for us to have a silver spoon in our mouths and then go on being that stagnant throughout the rest of life. I want my movie to look like there is something impossible to overcome. I want to see a movie where I would have to live in a dumpster for awhile, eat some food from scraps thrown away, and have people look down on me for a time period. Then, I would want to climb from the bottom and have people inspired to hear and never get tired of my story. I’ve been homeless. I’ve washed paper plates in my apartment. I’ve had ketchup and syrup sandwiches. Those are stories that I keep near and dear to me as I grew up in my early 20’s. They were like hell, but I could smile through them. Why? Because I made up in my mind early that I wouldn’t stay that way. And I made sure of it! Now that’s a movie that I believe anyone would pay money to see. You have a mission. And it might just be to inspire others. The weekend is here and this is where the normal will be celebrated with leisure and drinks. But, there will be those who will make it a work day and keep grinding. Keep pounding. For more motivation, click the link here for the latest visual.

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