I have been on a quest lately. I have this new goal in my mid 30s to be in the best shape of my life. I live a pretty busy lifestyle. Meaning if I don’t get something done with the small window that I have…it will never get done. There is nothing else in the world that I can’t stand more is getting out of bed. The bed is so warm, cozy, and soft. It’s the best feeling in the world after bathing the kids, cleaning the kitchen, and taking a hot shower. The feeling of the sheets are so comfortable to me. But, I have goals…dreams…I just can’t live with being NORMAL. I can’t do what everyone else does. I feel like my mission is greater than what most people have. Or, I may have been able to realize mine at a much earlier age. I think that’s what made me think differently than most of my peers growing up. I was looked at as odd. Or, too serious. But, it was what fueled me to go hard and do so much more everyday. I had some pretty mediocre friends. I know it sounds harsh, but it was the truth. They wanted to do just the bare minimum to class, not do more than what was needed, and not even wanted to do the standard. I couldn’t stand that way of thought. But, I only had so many friends to choose from at the time. I guess that’s why I stayed to myself most of the time. It was where I could find my creativity. I could feel energized to own my thoughts and critique myself. But, I had one thing that bothered me…I hated to get out of bed.

How did I change that? I put myself through some grueling regimens throughout my life. I went through 3 different boot camps in my life. I played football starting at 8 years old. I ran track ever since I was six. Those boot camps, those early wake-ups all conditioned me for what I wanted to do going forward in my life.

I realized early on that the bigger the dream, the earlier that I needed to wake up. If I didn’t wake up early; I was putting myself in a position to have everyone else chip at my time. Between work, the kids, and marriage. I’m trying to catch lightning in a bottle. If I’m not in bed early I am at a deficit for the next day. So I had to make sure that I got out of bed. I needed to be up with the birds. In fact I NEED to be up before the birds. If I see cars on the road. I’m in trouble. Because , I just became normal. The feeling of being abnormal is no greater feeling in the world.

Getting out of bed is one of the hardest things to do. It’s where opportunity is gained or lost. I started with 6am, then 5am, then, 430, then 4. I’m stuck at 4. But I am working to get to 3:30 a.m. So I wake up and workout every morning. Even if I don’t feel like it. I go through the motions, I drag my butt through the routine if I have to. But, with everyday I wake up, I am on my way to awesome. Awesome is where I want to be. So I have no problem with the grind. It sucks sometimes. But, it gets me to where I need to go. And I am sure that if you transform your mind to do the same, you will too. Because, one day it will all just be easier as you keep moving forward.

2 thoughts on “GET OUT OF BED

  1. thewritingreverend says:

    Very true. Balance is important. But, if there is no drive then it easily translates into laziness. Most Americans are trained for 8 hours of sleep and force themselves to just lie in bed daydreaming as opposed to creating the dream they want to see. Our bodies are capable to do a lot more despite slight discomforts.

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